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Relationship and infidelity testing
Infidelity is a sensitive area of concern in any relationship. Resolving marital / partnership, trust issues within your relationship can be a difficult and stressful experience. Only you can make a decision to take a polygraph test. If your need to effectively prove your innocence, or uncover deception taking a polygraph test will provide you with the information you need to make provide peace of mind and to make an appropriate decision.

Confirmation of innocence
You may be accused or know someone who has been accused of doing something that they are unable to prove that they did not do. Taking a polygraph examination will answer whether or not what the allegation or issue you have been accused of is true or not. A polygraph examination can be used to support you claim of innocence.

Employer/Employee trust
There could be an issue of theft or deception that you have had made against you or you may be an employer wanting to find. If you believe that an employee has been deceptive or you may have had an issue or allegation that you require further information to make the right decision then taking a polygraph test will provide you with that additional information to make an appropriate and logical decision based on all the evidence.

Allegations of Fraud
Company fraud, can vary in scale and ingenuity within any business, with significant financial loss to any company. Fraud Examples: Syndicate collusion, transfer sensitive information, forged documents. Suspect fraud? Monetary or merchandise theft?  Call for free advice.

Sex Abuse
We have undertaken specific certification in Post Convicted Sex Offender Training, testing sex offenders (PCSOT).   Our examiners offer you an independent and unbiased service.   

Allegations of Theft
Allegations of theft at work or at home, to resolve this dilemma objectively we can test you honesty. Do you have suspicions of theft, within your family or place of employment?  Call us our advice is free.

Allegations of abuse
Allegations of abuse at work or at home, to resolve this dilemma objectively you can take a polygraph test that will provide you with additional information to make a reasoned decision based on the outcome of any test for deception. Have you been wrongly accused or do you have suspicions within your family or place of employment?  Call us our advice is free.

Criminal and civil verification of truth
Criminal and civilian verification of truth can be arrange by individuals or through solicitor contact.

Sports persons testing contest rules/drug misuse
Polygraph examinations are available to provide testing for all tournaments and contests where participants have an opportunity to violate the rules or otherwise cheat in an attempt to win a prize. Polygraph exams, done to industry standards, and not "short tests" used only to deter cheating. Tests can also be provided for steroid and drug misuse.

Pre- employment screening
Company recruitment you can reduce and resolve the risk, with employment screening. Employee's If you been accused falsifying job applications, previous convictions such as Illegal drugs, theft of company money or merchandise, falsify company records. Recruitment of personnel can pose a risk in all areas of employment.